A lil place where Myself (Scott) and Colin can post about Beer, festivals, anime, guessing games too, and general geek like items.

There will be posts. There will be podcasts (first is recorded just going through the editing motions, theres a lot of me talking arse to get rid of). There will be Beer, I’ve already mentioned that right. I do believe a post or two will be made on epic pubs around London (this was the original pipedream for this blog right?). Guess that includes our ongoing ‘tour’ of Samuel Smiths pubs, theres already a many pubs crossed off the map and more to follow

We met on a trip to Japan back in 2005, to fanboy at all the GLOU.RI.OUS anime and related money stealing items, and we’ve been drinking and talking geek ever since

Colin… feel free to edit, add and make more sense than me

[Colin’s edit – I make less sense than you so no editing from me!]

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